Writing A Briefing Paper

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Voters and journalists hold you to them and there is a risk in using words that are hard to live up to.

This is particularly The Wellbeing Budget opens with, “What is wellbeing?

For example: they are governed by a national body (Congress) that they do not elect; they pay federal taxes but have no vote in the body that levies them (taxation without representation). No other major democratic nation disenfranchises the residents of its capital city; DC delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton and shadow senator Jesse Jackson charge that the situation violates the United Nations Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and is tolerated only because of racism (UN and DC Statehood). However, the continued disenfranchisement of DC residents is unacceptable.

The best solution appears to be retrocession to Maryland, leaving only the core capital buildings as part of the constitutionally-required federal district.

By a variety of measures, DC is in serious trouble: The city is insolvent, and its tax base continues to erode despite large federal subsidies to compensate for federal buildings that cannot be legally taxed.

The District's populationonce as high as 800,000has been rapidly declining.

It is a key factor in assessing jobs and the cost of living, educational opportunities, housing options and the way in which the policy makers of today are protecting the interests of future generations.

In order to address these questions, the Briefing Papers are designed to examine the underlying assumptions on which policy options are based and what interests, public or private, are being served.

Since1970, however, the District has had a nonvoting delegate in the House of Representatives.

(A shadow senator serves as a lobbyist for the Districts interests but does not receive federal compensation). Two years later they approved a state constitution and formally applied to Congress for admission as the state of New Columbia.


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