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World Essay Competition-11
Essays should be original works of the author that have not been previously published on any media platforms (including magazines, newspapers, websites, personal blogs, and social media accounts). Essays will be checked to ensure their originality.b) Once, it was “four generations under one roof.” What is the ideal Chinese household today? Onkyo Corporation and Japan Institute of Scientific Research for Education will jointly host the 17th Onkyo World Braille Essay Contest specially supported by the Braille Mainichi, Mainichi Newspapers, and International Association for the Visually Impaired (IAVI).

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Second Place (1) Cash prize of 800 RMB; (2) Magazines, books, and limited-edition handcrafts from The World of Chinese; (3) The opportunity to be published on The World of Chinese official website.

First Place (1) Cash prize of 1,000 RMB; (2) Magazines, books, and limited-edition handcrafts from The World of Chinese; (3) The opportunity to be published in The World of Chinese print magazine (ISSN:1673-7660).

Please refer to our official website and We Chat account for updates on the competition. Institutions that actively recruit entrants the competition will receive a certificate of “Outstanding Organization” and a partnership with The World of Chinese – China Story Reading and Writing Base. Topics: a) If you get the chance to converse with any famous Chinese figure (including but not limited to historical figures, contemporary figures, and fictional characters from literary works), what would you say to them?

How to Enter for instructions on how to submit your work. Third Place (1) Cash prize of 500 RMB; (2) Magazines, books and limited-edition handcrafts from The World of Chinese; (3) The opportunity to be published on The World of Chinese official website.

A total of seven essays are awarded Note: In communication with IAVI, Onkyo Corporation confers the gift to the union representing each laureate’s country to commemorate the award domestically.

Prizes are sent to each office with compensation for administrative expenses, and are transferred to each country with the compensation for outsourcing expenses of administration.Application Process Selection Results Three regional offices outline a summary including selection results, the number of applications, and the members of selection committee, and send this together with English text data of nominated works to IAVI by mid-September.Result Announcement Three regional offices will notify affiliated countries of the results concurrently with Japan, where Onkyo Corporation will announce the results and introduce the best works (or an excerpt) on its website.Essays are gathered with the intention of expanding literal culture through braille, sharing life-changing experiences that braille and music can give us, and encouraging potential readers to live a social life as an individual.Theme: An essay on braille or music that inspires dreams to enrich our hearts and lives - Two works judged best in categories A and B are compared, and the better essay honored with an Otsuki Award.Application Requirement *Applications should be made via a representative organization in the entrant’s country.Five or less works are selected and sent to one of three regional offices by data with each translated into English.Moreover, award-winning works in the Japanese category are collected in a Compilation of Winning Works in printed text and braille.These books are donated to schools for the vision-impaired and braille libraries in Japan, and will continue to be read and enjoyed for generations.Onkyo aims to captivate and amaze people all over the world with its audio-visual products.As part of its aim to make its beautiful sound barrier-free, Onkyo has offered Japanese listeners a Raku-Raku Kit (Easy Kit) since 1994.


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