Wildlife Conservation Essay

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Project Tiger has seen significant success in recovery of the habitat and increase in the population of the tigers in the reserve areas, from a scanty 268 in 9 reserves in 1972 to above 1000 in 28 reserves in 2006 to 2000 tigers in 2016.

Initiated in 1992 by the Government of India Project Elephant aims at conserving elephants and their habitat and of migratory routes by developing scientific and planned management measures.

And apparently the success of its some projects and schemes related to Indian Rhinos, tigers and poaching have earned it immense confidence to continue working towards a prosperous and intact wildlife.

The International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis Ltd.

Conservation is the practice of protecting animal species and their habitats and it is traditionally viewed as a separate discipline to animal welfare.

Compassionate conservation is an initiative designed to bring the two fields closer together, promoting consideration of the welfare of individual animals affected by the conservation research, policy or practice.This project is yet another successful venture by Government of India to conserve the Indian Crocodiles, whose species were on the verge of extinction once.The project also contributes towards the conservation in a plethora of related fields.However, this is not the only laudatory measure taken by the Government of India (GOI), there is so much more that needs to be told about the schemes and projects that have helped the country maintain its rich wildlife.Here is a glance at the important wildlife conservation initiatives that GOI has taken: One of the most successful wildlife conservation ventures 'Project Tiger' which was initiated way back in 1972, has not only contributed to the conservation of tigers but also of the entire ecosystem.The main objectives of the crocodile project is to protect the remaining population of crocodiles and their natural habitat by establishing sanctuaries; to promote captive breeding; to improve management; and to involve the local people in the project intimately.It is worth noticing that with the initiation of Crocodile Conservation Project, 4000 gharial/aligator, 1800 mugger/crocodile and 1500 saltwater crocodiles could be restocked.(ICUMSA) is a world-wide body which brings together the activities of the National Committees for Sugar Analysis in more than twenty member countries.Work is carried out under various Subjects each headed by a Referee.Here are few important steps that Government of India has taken for the wildlife protection: Not only this, there are a few International schemes and projects that India has signed drafted with its neighbours, Nepal and Bangladesh related to illegal wildlife species trade and conservation of tigers and leopards.Apart from this, there are plenty of other legal, administrative and financial steps that Government of India has taken for effective wildlife conservation in the country.


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