Why College Important Essay

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It’s also important to know that earning a degree from an Ivy League school or private college can be very expensive and there is no guarantee that you’ll get a great job once you get your degree.

In fact, there is typically only a marginal difference in future earnings for those who earn their degree at an Ivy League school versus those who earn their degree from another reputable college. If you’re really interested in attending college but don’t have the funds right now don’t get overly concerned.

Attending college isn’t just about studying and attending lectures – it will also give you the chance to discover activities you’ve never tried before, meet people from different backgrounds and parts of the world, support causes that are important to you and explore new ideas, art forms, and cultures.

The benefit of learning from your fellow students is also very valuable – the discussions you get into when you’re surrounded by people studying different subjects and pursuing different paths will give you new ways to look at the world around you.

Sometimes when students wonder, “why should I go to college,” they are actually just nervous about picking the right college or the right college major for them. Each college and study area offers a different experience and unique educational opportunities.

Your task shouldn’t be to identify the top-ranked colleges but rather to figure out which college is best for you, based on the areas of study you are interested in.

Consider attending any open houses provided by local colleges in your area, use the Internet to research colleges that fit your expectations and requirements, and contact individual colleges to speak with their guidance and admission counselors.

Sometimes larger, prestigious or “Ivy League” type universities can seem very attractive.

Some individuals who search for reasons to go to college simply suffer from commitment phobia.

Don’t look at college as a long-term contract that you’re not going to be able to get out of once you start.


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