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Fortunately, it’s not as bad as They make it pretty obvious what the lessons are. They’re always checking to see if the supply is getting lower. The mice foresaw this and they move on to discover more cheese. Their arrogance blinded them to the slowly dwindling supply. They complain that they worked hard to find the cheese and more.

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It could be money, fame, reputation, happiness, success, achievements, or anything else.

I believe there are many more lessons than the ones that Hem wrote on the wall about change that you can learn from this story.

They ran the organization to the ground because they kept to their old ways and didn’t improve their product with the times. Hem and Haw do what most humans do, which is slowly become entitled to things they shouldn’t be.

He knew that he had to kept moving or he would be left behind. When things got tough, they blamed everything but themselves for their problems.

The Hare thought he was so far ahead of his competition that he slacked off and lost the marathon.

Similarly, Warren Buffett says complacency is one of the top killers of large, successful businesses. These rules about change might seem simple or cheesy to you (no pun intended), but I’ve found that there’s a lot of real evidence inbusiness history supporting these theories.

Old businesses often fail to change just like old people. He said that old companies like Xerox failed because they got big and let their sales and marketing teams run the company.

These people didn’t know anything about innovation or understanding why a new product would work.

Hem and Haw got complacent and rooted in their old routines when they were successful already.

It’s the classic story of the Tortoise in the Hare.


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