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Over the next few months, I worked thirty hours a week helping patients and their families.One of the most rewarding experiences at the hospital was organizing patient voting for the 1992 Presidential election.

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She also leaves a strong impression by introducing only one theme.

This essay is particularly strong because the writer does not simply label herself as a volunteer and leave it at that. First, she walks us through her motivation, then through the experience itself, and finally through how it has affected her and made her different.

I was pleased to see in the admissions brochure that other Kellogg students feel the same, as demonstrated by their Business with a Heart program.

I know that my unique perspective and experiences would contribute to this group, and enable me to enrich the lives of the community as well as those of my fellow students.

The good work I do is a constant tribute to his memory.

As an individual, I have learned the benefits of altruism, and I firmly believe that companies should also take an active role in philanthropy.Clear Admit has been producing Essay Topic Analyses for the leading MBA Programs since 2005.The essay portion of the MBA application is one of the most crucial and time consuming aspects of the MBA application process.The question has a structure similar to the Why MBA? For some people, the focus of this question will come easily. The qualities you choose to describe are not nearly as important as how well you back them up.A minority can choose to focus on their racial or ethnic differences. Because this answer tends to contain many adjectives, you absolutely must provide solid examples demonstrating each quality you have listed.This essayist is a good example of someone who chose to focus on one trait rather than several.By choosing only one quality, her essay is concise, to the point, and easy to read.A person with an unusual professional background may use this question to turn this potential weakness into a strength. You can take examples from either your work or your personal life.Anyone with a particular talent or calling, such as an athlete or a musician, can use that as a topic. You can even be creative and take an example from your childhood, if you wish, as long as whatever you choose effectively proves that you are what you say you are.My volunteer work has allowed me to help others cope with the terrible pain of illness, which I have experienced first-hand and through my family.The satisfaction that I gain when I help patients and their families is unlike any other feeling I have ever had in my life.


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