What Do You Do In Creative Writing Class

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It could also be phrased as ‘Can you learn creative writing?So if we aren’t sure that creative writing can really be taught, why are creative writing courses on the rise? I have done screenwriting courses, master classes at the London Book Fair, and a diploma in Creative Writing at the University of Oxford.’ Good question, but you might want to track back a little.

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You could be better at writing poetry than fiction. If you don’t enjoy reading or showing your work to others, a degree in Creative Writing isn’t for you.

That’s ok—play to your strengths but practice your weaknesses, too. You can get away with not reading much (I did at undergrad, I’m ashamed to say), but it will show in your grades. As mentioned before, some people will think your choice of degree subject is a waste of time.

The earlier on you start networking, the easier it’ll be later on in your career.

Every writer has their strength and as the course goes on, you’ll start to find yours. This is how you find out what works in your work, and what you need to improve on.

Saying you have a degree from one of these places is much more impressive than from somewhere that’s lesser known. Just that some universities—even the smaller ones—are more well known in some industries than others.

Every degree course is different, even if they have the same title.

If they’re teaching published students (and are published/highly acclaimed themselves), you’re on the right track.

If you can’t find any success stories or find any of the lecturers’ books on Amazon/in Waterstones, AVOID THIS COURSE. Expect to have your work picked apart with a fine-toothed comb by teachers and peers.

If you want to learn about the publishing industry, you’re better off reading anecdotes and accounts, or asking someone who’s been there. An expected part of Creative Writing degrees is writing commentaries.

You’ll have to write a commentary to go with each creative piece that you submit.


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