Ways To Improve Problem Solving Skills

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As you may suspect, this often cripples a person’s critical-thinking abilities.

If you want to solve a complex problem, try a basic approach.

Forget what you know about the subject and ask some fundamental questions.

Unfortunately, many individuals have difficulty solving problems due to their inability to open their minds.

That is, falling victim to a know-it-all fallacy is a certain way to fall short of your critical-thinking goals.

And while we all know that listening to classical music or thinking about exercising won’t change a thing, neither will wishing your team was better at solving customer and organizational problems.

Ways To Improve Problem Solving Skills

It’s time to put your team to work on strengthening their problem-solving skills.

Unfortunately, these same frustrated managers are often key contributors to their team’s unwillingness to jump in and solve problems. Richard Hackman, once suggested that greatness was possible with every team, but you shouldn’t count on it.

His message was that teams perform best when clear structure, proper support, and defined processes are present and reinforced in a positive manner.

The other is general, opening your mind to think differently.

If you are stuck at a desk, you may be following the first approach while neglecting the second.


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