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Therefore in this essay, I will be interpreting on how the character of Eddie including his personality and physical actions advanced throughout the play, and above that what caused the ignition of the fires of tension that had been smouldering under the surface of the family for a while.

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Characters also make 'bridges' or connections between other characters. Licensed under No known copyright restrictions" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567800138"only blesses you."(40)Catherine's growing up is a bridge as well:"I'm not a baby...

For example, throughout the first act we see that Beatrice is the bridge between Catherine and Eddie and she still is on page 80 when she insists that Eddie attend the wedding when Catherine does not care. Licensed under No known copyright restrictions" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567800138" [Portrait of Ray Bauduc, Herschel Evans, Bob Haggart, Eddie Miller, Lester Young, and Matty Matlock, Howard Theater, Washington, D. Beatrice says to be a woman," (62)In this scene she also asks Rodolpho to teach her and they venture towards the bedroom, she emerges to speak to Eddie adjusting her dress. The audience also sees a bridge in Catherine's job (18), with her growing up and changing from the rough area of the docks to something more 'up market'.

Therefore the ‘Bridge’ in A View From The Bridge is not only a wider perspective of the two contradicting communities but also the small links between each of the characters and acts taking place emerging into bigger clashes and problems and concluding into a heroic tragedy.

How does the character of Eddie develop over the play?

A statement by Alfieri manifested the inevitable end, as well as hinted its readers on what circumstances will arise in the upcoming scenes, thus representing a form of bond between the two.

Alfieri is also the symbol of the person on the bridge looking down upon the Red Hook community able to process the events and see the greater societal and moral implications it has for the community as a whole or, perhaps, he is the bridge himself, allowing the people to cross into Manhattan and into a modern, intellectual American culture.

I could see every step coming." (p50)This is what Alfieri says after Eddie comes to see him.

He is the narrator and is quite similar to the chorus in a Greek Tragedy.

portraying an American Dream mounting on Italian cultures.

If we look deeply into the play and the events taking place, it seems to be that there is a ‘Bridge’ to the green card and American citizenship for Rodolpho, with his marriage to Catherine, painting his illusionary passage to success.


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