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A public presentation of the dissertation research by the doctoral candidate including questions from the public is allowed within the two hour period.

It is expected that all appointed members of a thesis or dissertation committee should be physically present for both the proposal and final defense.

However, it is permissible for committee members and/or the student to participate remotely under the following conditions.

The final oral examination must take place during announced university business hours, Monday through Friday and must be on the Ohio State University campus. Once the final oral examination is scheduled, the Graduate School appoints the Graduate Faculty Representative (GFR).

The GFR is a Category P graduate faculty member who is neither a graduate faculty member in the doctoral candidate’s graduate program nor a member of the dissertation committee.

Responsibility for conducting and evaluating the final oral examination rests with the doctoral candidate’s final oral examination committee. Before a defense can be held, the doctoral candidate must submit a complete dissertation or DMA document to the dissertation committee for review and approval or disapproval.

Doctoral candidates must ensure that they meet the completion timeline set forth by the Graduate Studies Committee. A dissertation committee member’s approval of the dissertation draft means that the committee member judges it to be of sufficient merit to warrant holding the final oral examination.

The purpose of the GFR on the final oral examination committee is: Attendance and Format.

All members of the final oral examination committee are expected to be present during the entire examination.

At least one hour of the two-hour examination period, however, must be allotted to discussion of the research and to questions of the committee and answers by the doctoral candidate.

Local programs may develop additional local protocols and procedures. The use of video conferencing during the final oral examination is permitted for committee members not present during the oral examination to enable them to remain connected for the duration of the examination.


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