Very Short Essay On Holi In English

The Government should announce that only harmless acts are allowed. My favourite job is to do the filling which gives me a chance to keep stealing the tasty khoya which is full of dry fruits.

Soon as the day passes by, the place gets overcrowded with friends, adults and small children.Holi is the colorful event held every year and is referred as the festival of many colors. Everyone who is a fun lover is seen holding water balloons, water pistols, powder, etc., on this colourful day!Before playing with colours, we need to apply oil on our hair so that the colours do not stick on to it. Sometimes they paint people's face with tar and charcoal. Introduction Holi is also known as the Festival of colors in India. I also take care to keep my preparation for the festival ready. Conclusion : This festival had nothing bad in the beginning. Arya Samaj should take keen interest in reforming the Holi festival. Eating the gujiyas - piping hot just as they come out of pan is the other most cherished moment of the festival. There is no difference between the rich and the poor. It is a happy occasion when we forget our cares and anxieties. The other ones specially, the purple is one I hate to use on Holi. I also enjoy preparing gujiyas with my mother and sisters. At least for one day we forget social distinctions completely. I love Holi so much Holi happens to be my favourite festival. I keep stocks of every colour but red happens to be my favourite.We all take a break for five minutes and chat with each other at that time.We resume the fun parade followed by a competition as to who gets coloured most and least.Coming Back proudly with another Beautiful article but this time for kids. Having failed to kill him he ordered his sister Holika to burn him to death. How it is Celebrated : Great piles of fuel or collected in the streets. But Prahlad's devotion enraged Hiranyakashyapu and he planned to kill his own son.Stop searching for any more on the web for Holi festival be have given every details for the festive in one place so remember we you need info regarding holi. Though it is called the festival of Sudras, yet it is celebrated by all the Hindus Like Diwali great preparations are made all over country to celebrate it. He asked her sister Holika, who was immune to fire, to sit in fire taking Prahlad in her lap.


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