Vacation In Las Vegas Essay

People under the age of 35-45 prefer both venturers and dependable trips.

The latter is used in order to be sure that their vacation will not be spoiled by unpredictable situations or the absence of the necessary comfort, this is why they take short trips and choose standard accommodations.

Las Vegas is worth visiting for many reasons, and I, as a sophisticated travel agent, am ready to introduce you this city and prove that you will never forget your vacations and your trip to Las Vegas, where an opportunity to relax, gamble, and meet new people are available all the time.

The chosen target group for vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada has rather clear purposes to relax, to rejuvenate, and simply to have fun.

If people go on trip, they prefer to choose air transport in order to spend less time, use the best services, and enjoy the vacation.

In spite of the fact that comfort is inherent to this group, people like to see the sights in crowds and eat standard food during the tours.

First of all, people of this age usually have successfully established careers, and their fiscal freedom allows them to visit any country and any city in order to relax or just enjoy this life annually.

Household income of the family, the members of which are under the age of 35-45, is about ,000 per year (Biederman, 2007).

I entered a store that had sold Las Vegas merchandise.

The store had hundreds of t-shirts that featured pictures of shows, hotels, and casinos.


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