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However, with rising standards of living and the prevalence of double income families in Singapore, more families are able to have the means to afford these additional lessons and enrichment classes to help their child along with their schoolwork.

Another reason why the math tuition industry is specifically thriving in Singapore is the emergence of math questions with problem solving nature (vis-a-vis questions requiring procedural knowledge) meant to encourage problem solving mindset and conceptual understanding in and through the learning of math.

Here, you will get the tutee level, address, subject/topic, frequency details, gender specification (if any) and other important information of the assignment.

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One of the reasons for math tuition industry to be booming today is definitely due to the rising income levels of families in Singapore.

Back in the old days, many families struggle with meeting their daily needs, and did not have as much disposable income to spend on things beyond their necessities.

Singapore is known to have one of the highest mathematics standards in the world, and even math questions from the Primary School Leaving Examinations in Singapore have made their way around social media as questions so tough that even adults end up struggling to solve them.

With math problems in our children’s homework becoming more challenging, many parents seek tuition as a means to help their children perform better in math.

If you are interested in imparting your knowledge to the younger generation, and to help kids along in understanding math, then becoming a math tutor is definitely something that you can consider!

If you are wondering if being a math tutor in Singapore will be sufficient to pay your bills and support your lifestyle, read on, as we will be sharing more about the typical rates that math tutor can usually demand from their students in Singapore.


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