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First, you should talk about one or two aspects of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts that appeal to you. Art has the power to disrupt our preconceptions, shape public discourse, and imagine new ways of being in the world.

Likewise, if you want to write about how you’re drawn to Tufts because it takes pride in civic duty and responsibility, you could talk about how attending a rally or political talk at the school had galvanized you.

Having these three main points ensures that you answer the question (why Tufts) in a well-thought-out manner, while also letting them get to know more as a person.

They are seeking a connection – to a unique character, voice, or student perspective.

In order to capitalize on this, these are some things you should make sure to do for all three responses: This is the quintessential “Why This College” essay – we have a guide for it here.

Its student body prides itself on active citizenship, public service, and working toward addressing social justice issues.

Tuft’s acceptance rate (14%) and small total undergraduate enrollment (about 5,300) make it a highly selective school and put it in the running against many Ivy League schools – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this guide on how to answer Tuft’s essay questions.In writing about your creations, make sure to talk about why they, or the process of creating them, is important to you.Irrespective of what you want to build, make sure it speaks to your application narrative.You are not limited to using these approaches – they’re here to serve as a jumping-off platform for your brainstorming.Approach 1: Your idea can be esoteric or concrete, complex or simple. Last, don’t get caught up in explaining the work itself. Year after year, Tufts upholds its reputation for having applicants write interesting essays.Focus on the task at hand: In the last sentence, Tufts is asking what type of ideas you’d like to explore and learn more about in your work.“Work” can relate to your undergraduate years or afterward.We recommend taking one of two approaches to this essay.Previous classes have included those based on personal interests, current events, and more. In answering this prompt, you should narrow it down and pick one to focus on: personal interests, current events, community happenings, great books you’ve read, or hobbies. Since you don’t have much room, get right into it by answering the following questions: This is another version of the “Why Tufts” essay (Essay 1 in this guide).When writing this essay, we strongly recommend you only discuss aspects about SMFA.As with many selective universities, Tuft receives many applications from students with the highest qualifications, including competitive GPAs, excellent recommendation letters, and involvement in sports or extracurricular activities.This means that they are using their writing supplement as a way to and get to know prospective students.


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