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You can't buy it in any store, can't send away for it online, and you probably won't be able to read it if you do find it: the everywhere-and-nowhere travel bible of Israel's combat-fatigued, footloose vagabond youth A destination's most popular sites got that way for good reason.

But before all that comes the decision as to which one(s) suits you best.

Of course, deciding on what’s a good fit depends on your interests and expertise.

"The way another woman might, on a first date, suddenly picture herself having a baby with the guy across the table, what I pictured was this: me and him, eating a duck's liver together in a ditch." Expressing affection for the Swiss or their country is akin to confessing nostalgia for cigarette smoking or The Brady Bunch.

he fun thing about questions like this is that you can substitute any word or term for ‘travel writing’ with no diminution of the urgency of the enquiry. Any successful travel book should involve some kind of departure from previously visited ideas of the travel book.


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