Thesis Transport

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Future developments of the work presented in this thesis include: addressing the switch on/off of individual pores for controlled transport across selected pores; analyzing the transport of ions and low-molecular-weight drug candidates per single nanopore; and test the universal applicability of the designed assay platforms by integrating different types of membrane proteins.AFM images showed open nanopores at p H 4 and closed ones at p H 8.Platforms with nanochannels were functionalized with PMAA brushes and investigated by cyclic voltammetry at varied p H values.The formation and characterization of artificial lipid bilayers and the integration of membrane proteins in the biomembranes is also part of this chapter.Specific examples of the relevance of the polymer support for artificial lipid bilayers are mentioned.It was also demonstrated that the protein density could be varied in a wide range without impairing the formation of the lipid bilayer.Although improvements are needed for the electrochemical measurements of membrane protein activity, yet the potential application of the integrated platform for ion channel protein assays is demonstrated.Besides for the support of the lipid bilayer, the PMAA chains were functionalized with nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) for immobilization of His-tagged membrane proteins.The localization of the membrane proteins near the pore edges and their integration in the pore-spanning lipid bilayer was imaged by fluorescence microscopy.In Chapter 5 the PMAA brush functionalization and characterization of nanoporous platforms with wells (dead-end pores) or channels (pores through) is described.The brushes were synthesized by SI-ATRP in a mixture of water and methanol (1:1 by volume) to improve the wettability of the pores.


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