Thesis E-Marketplace

Thesis E-Marketplace-27
This is a dissertation chapter example on E-Commerce topic: Electronic Commerce (e-commerce) is defined as the conduct of commerce in goods and services, with the assistance of telecommunications and telecommunications-based tools such as the Internet.

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Early e-marketplaces connected a buyer and supplier using proprietary systems that established a market hierarchy.

The buyer was responsible for the system, established the terms of trade and the electronically enabled supplier could connect to the system.Not only does the adoption of e-marketplace trading impact on the buyer and supplier organisations, it introduces the e-marketplace vendor organisation and the e-marketplace technology into the participation decision.The complexity of the interactions across organisational structures and between organisational agents and technology adoption can produce a diversity of outcomes.Organisational strategy and the implementation of strategic initiatives involve interactions between organisational structures and agents.The analytical dualism this represents complicates uncovering the fundamental causes of e-marketplace participation.Context, mechanism and outcome patterns, identified in each case, are presented. Building on economic market, institutional and network theories the research identifies organising vision theory and community discourse as explanations for organisational legitimation that can circumscribe the use of e-marketplace trading. These systems were costly to build, which limited their use, and only organisations with an integrated system could use them.The web based e-marketplaces opened up the possibility of connecting many buyers and suppliers and enabling electronic transactions.The thesis contributes to the discussion on organising vision theory, e-marketplace trading and business value creation. It demonstrates the application of the structured case study methodology to research that is underpinned by critical realism.


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