Thesis 2 Theme Review

Bottom line, Thesis is amazing and also comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

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The nav menu section will allow you to set the colors of your nav menu, including the hover colors.

There are some other good options in there as well, such as site-wide javascript libraries which will add in scripts such as j Query (which is pretty much standard in all websites I do now).

I usually spend most of my time in design options, but when I first install Thesis on a website, I usually will tweak a few settings in site options for SEO.

While site options lets you quickly set up your site, design options is where you can begin to set the ground work for an amazing design!

I think the most important place to start is by asking: By late 2012, my premium Word Press Theme, Thesis, had grown to tens of thousands of users, and I realized it might make sense to invest in the domain,

Business was going well enough that I could justify the cost, so I decided to give it a shot.Two of my favorite features for Thesis design options are the columns setting and the nav menu settings.The columns section will allow you to set how many columns and the widths of those columns.After reading his counter, I felt like this negotiation was dead on arrival.I didn’t think the market value for exceeded ,000 and couldn’t see how Larry would have any reason to think otherwise. There was some back and forth, and Larry ultimately dropped the price to 0,000, which he still thought was reasonable.During that debate, I got defensive and acted like an asshole.At the time, I was woefully ignorant about software licensing, and I felt as though I was being backed into a corner and asked to accept something I didn’t fully understand.Seeing Thesis’s option doesn’t really do it justice though.We use Thesis for nearly all Word Press projects we do at Microbrand Media, and I personally use it to build any websites I freelance.I opened with an offer of ,500 (which I still think is an awful lot to pay for an unused domain).Larry thought the domain was worth quite a bit more and countered with 0,000. Consider that sold for ,000 in 2014; given that the taxi industry in the US alone is worth bn per year, it is reasonable to think would carry a lower price tag.


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