The Very Busy Spider Lesson Plans

The Very Busy Spider Lesson Plans-40
Along came a ____________ Who __________________________. Then turn it the other way to show “out came the sun and dried up all the rain”.

We turned our Spider glyph into a headband so that we could wear it when we did our cool Spider Bite experiment.

This experiment helped us find out the answer to the question, How do spiders eat their prey?

Spiders feel the frantic tugs, Of their favorite food: it’s bugs! You could print the words to the nursery rhyme out and glue them on the house.

From a spider’s spinnerets Sticky spider silky jets. Now have them sing the Eency Weency Spider song and move their spider up and down the spout.

(crawl fingers up back) A cool breeze (blow softly on back of neck) A soft squeeze (softly squeeze arms) Now you’ve got the chillies. Fall, Preschool-Kindergarten (TEC3512) Spider Puzzle Game This is a small group game. Cut the pictures vertically to make a spider puzzle.

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(make X on another person’s back) Spiders crawling up you spine!

Oh, he’s just a dumb old lummock, this old spider on my stomach . Eency-Weency Spider Materials: Glue green strip of grass to bottom edge of 9×12 blue construction paper.

Pull it all the way out (till you get to the short straw pieces) through the top of the straw. Have the child stand a few feet away and, with one straw end piece in each hand, right under the tagboard spider, have the child move his arms apart quickly, forcing the spider to glide up the fish line to the top where it is taped.

Along came a spider Who sat down beside her And frightened Miss Muffet away. Color a sun on half the circle and rain on the other half.

Little Miss Muffet Little Miss Muffet Sat on a tuffet, Eating her curds and whey. You may also add a circle attached with a brad fastener to the top of the paper.


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