The Tipping Point By Malcolm Gladwell Essay

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I originally “bumped into him” through his first TED talk about spaghetti sauce.

Similar to Barry Schwartz’s Paradox of Choice, Gladwell reveals interesting findings about happiness and choice, and how the two are related (or not).

The 17 year old blogger who’s desperately hoping for a viral hit, the 47 year old hobby writer with lots of connections, who wants to learn how to use them better, and anyone who has an idea worth spreading.

magazine, has been studying and writing about the nature of trends for years.

The kids could only give a few select looks to an educational scene about how to spell the word “cat”, yet still remember the lesson.

That meant unlike adults, children paid attention to TV in order to learn and understand, not to be entertained.He proposes that social change is analogous to, or has some of the same characteristics as, a medical epidemic.Gladwell offers many vignettes that demonstrate this phenomenon.There was a definite moment though, in February 2012, when all of a sudden, the entire world seemed to need an account.It’s in this exact moment that Instagram’s user growth curve shoots up meteorically and it becomes the fastest growing social network of all time.was given to me by an American exchange student during my internship at BMW. Gladwell’s writing is gripping, he weaves stories and tales and hides baffling discoveries inside them.I remember distinctly sitting in my armchair at my parents’ house, feeling completely awestruck at the fact that I indeed just yawned 3 times, just because, as Gladwell predicted, I’d read a section about yawning. The summary will give you the nuts and bolts, but to witness Gladwell’s magic writing first hand, you have to get the book.Just make something so great, one person who sees it can’t live without sharing it.Then, and only then, should you start caring about the tipping point.Don’t think virality is limited to the internet though – this phenomenon predates the web.In 1984, Sharp came out with the first affordable fax machine for people at home and sold a solid 80,000 units in the first year.


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