The Poisonwood Bible Thesis

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Adah finds it unusual to now owe her mother something when her own life has been a constant struggle.“My habit is to drag myself imperiously through a world that owes me unpayable debts.As the novel progresses, each of the characters experiences a dramatic change throughout the book and through the use of textual evidence and deep analysis of the diction and rhetoric used for the character Adah Price; leading us to discover how she transforms in the novel and what this variation is exactly.

Adah finds it unusual to now owe her mother something when her own life has been a constant struggle.“My habit is to drag myself imperiously through a world that owes me unpayable debts.

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When they finally do get home however, Adah immediately applies to Emory University and studies the medical sciences which she takes up as her religion. Adah finds that without anyone to speak for her she must get used to speaking rather than observing and is shocked at first by the sound of her voice, but this is not the greatest change.

The most dramatic alteration is one that she only picks up on for a moment in the final part. sacrificed life and limb and half a brain to save the other half” Kingsolver 410).

She goes from making a remark that almost scientifically evaluates the women’s movements to making a statement that brings an artistic form of examining the actions and uses powerful imagery for the reader to associate with.

However, Adah does not stay like this throughout the whole novel.

She experiences an event that shifts her character in such a way that although it does not have an immediate impact, it changes her completely in the long run. On the frightful night when Kilanga, the village were the Price family was living, was swarmed by a massive group of ants known as Nsongonya Adah was left behind.

She woke to the sound of screams and felt ants all over her. Orleanna stared at her crippled daughter and turned away. In the simple plea alone, the way Kingsolver phrased it “I [Adah] spoke out loud, the only time: help me” (Kingsolver 305), one could see that this was a simple phrase; not shouted or screamed, simply stated.Her mother ran into the room, baby Ruth May bundled in her arms. When Adah’s plea was not answered she was left dumbstruck and proceeded to fight for her life.Although Adah originally believed that everyone found her life to be of no value she was still horror struck when her mother did not come to her aid, but she still decided to save herself because she realized her own self-worth.The word “imperiously” gives the reader perfect imagery of a disgruntled and displeased Adah who hates the world and yet that second sentence reveals something else.She has come to know what it feels like to owe someone an unpayable debt and that her whole life has been driven from this one disability.She is at first amazed that this cross she has born all these years could somehow be taken care of like that.However, as she progresses through the novel she finds that this recovery is balanced out by the inability to see words and phrases backwards and in a completely different perspective like she used too.I am taking all the nourishment here and going on ahead. And so it came to pass…I was cannibalized by my sister” (Kingsolver 34).This view held by Adah comes into play many times in the novel and even Leah can tell that here is some hostility between them. She is believed to be mute because of what doctors had told her parents, but in fact she is very intelligent and she insists on not talking in order to simplify her life and act more as an observer rather than a doer.Adah has a twin sister Leah who is perfectly normal and Adah carries a lot of hatred toward Leah because it’s her fault that she is handicapped.“Oh, I can easily imagine the fetal mishap: we were inside the womb together dum-de-dum when Leah suddenly turned and declared, Adah you are just too slow.


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