The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Belonging Essay

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Through these Charlie tells his story from his perspective.

The death of his aunt Helen was a major stressor in his life (pg.137). And you’re listening to that song and that drive with people you love most in this world.

He felt guilty for her death as if he were the one responsible.

At this age boys are experiencing changes associated with puberty. As a result, he was released from the shell that kept him trapped inside.

In puberty the endocrine and neurological systems change, thus, affecting an adolescent’s brain development and physical growth. At this point, it was clear to Charlie that there was something more to him. This becomes clear in the tunnel scene at the end of the movie when he states, “I can see it.

He also was experiencing internal battles over what his purpose was in life.

In “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” Stephen Chbosky manipulates a coming of age account of a traumatised teenage boy.All youth experience the developmental changes that come with it, but the time of the change varies from individual to individual. Even though he participated in religious ceremonies with his family, when he met his friends he finally realized the meaning and purpose of his life.Charlie is 15 years old and at a crucial point in his life right now. Eventually, Charlie started to participate in life and not just watch others live.“I just need to know that someone out there listens and understand [...]” starts Charlie, before he goes on to explain why these letters are being mailed out.From this sentence, and the first few letters that Charlie writes to this person, the reader is able to infer that Charlie doesn’t have much social support and is looking for someone to simply be there for him.The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a coming of age film that chronicles the life of a boy named Charlie.Charlie is 15 years old and has just begun his first year of high school.Wallflowers grow slowly, but with access to pollination from “social butterflies” and exposure to things like sunlight they develop just like the others.Charlie represents this wallflower, slowly drawn out by the new people he meets.This shows how as the book progressed his positive experience when approaching someone in an uncomfortable situation taught him to open up to new people and go out of his way to create relationships. Charlie’s fear of judgment leads to lack of participation which results in a lack of experience and exposure.Charlie’s journey and development throughout the book also explores the pressures that society places on the youth to only partake in activities they are well versed in. This lack of experience and exposure lessens his idea of what he likes and dislikes, a great part of any person’s identity.


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