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The intelligent reader will discover that a good deal of its contents is of an ironical character.As regards the last three essays I must observe that I have omitted such passages as appear to be no longer of any general interest or otherwise unsuitable.Eduard Grisebach, who is also entitled to gratitude for the care with which he has followed the text of the manuscripts, now in the Royal Library at Berlin, and for having drawn attention—although in terms that are unnecessarily severe—to a number of faults and failings on the part of the previous editor.

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I must also confess to having taken one or two liberties with the titles, in order that they may the more effectively fulfil the purpose for which titles exist.

In other respects I have adhered to the original with the kind of fidelity which aims at producing an impression as nearly as possible similar to that produced by the original.

Dialectic, then, need have nothing to do with truth, as little as the fencing master considers who is in the right when a dispute leads to a duel. Dialectic is the art of intellectual fencing; and it is only when we so regard it that we can erect it into a branch of knowledge.

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For if we take purely objective truth as our aim, we are reduced to mere Logic; if we take the maintenance of false propositions, it is mere Sophistic; and in either case it would have to be assumed that we were aware of what was true and what was false; and it is seldom that we have any clear idea of the truth beforehand.

Personal love (for we are not speaking of the reverence which is gained by authority) cannot be won by a man of genius, unless the gods have endowed him with an indestructible cheerfulness of temper, a glance that makes the world look beautiful, or unless he has succeeded by degrees in taking men exactly as they are; that is to say, in making a fool of the fools, as is right and proper.

On the heights we must expect to be solitary.”• “The life of the average man is overspread with a dull, turbid, uniform gravity; whilst the brow of genius glows with mirth of a unique character, which, although he has sorrows of his own more poignant than those of the average man, nevertheless breaks out afresh, like the sun through clouds.”An essay in which Arthur mentions that the dialectic is like intellectual fencing, it doesn't matter who is actually right, all that matters is winning by whatever means possible.

A selection of them was given to the world some three of four years after his death by his friend and literary executor, Julius Frauenstädt, who for this and other offices of piety, has received less recognition than he deserves.

The papers then published have recently been issued afresh, with considerable additions and corrections, by Dr.


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