Term Paper On Special Education

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They are people with an emotional imbalance and thus they learn at a slow pace than emotionally stable people.

When in school children require special attention from teachers.

The curriculum should be adjusted to ensure that children with special needs are catered for.

Advocators of an inclusion system quote the numerous advantages that the system has on the disabled person; they are of the opinion that disability is not a disease but a condition.

To accommodate them there is the use of Modification and Accommodation strategies, they are used interchangeably; however they have a slight difference in approach.

Modification targets at the situation in class where a student with disability is taught according to the level that he can understand.The use of Braille’s and record taping is another modification.• Assignment modification This is where the assignments given to the disabled are leveled to his capacity.The following are the strategies adopted; • Accessibility Accommodation These are deliberate measures undertaken to ensure that the schools infrastructure are made in a way that even the disabled can be accommodated.It may take the form of special lifts and stair cases.It may not be the entire schools desk but at least some which are for the use by the disabled.• Administrative strategies This is where the top management allows for adjustments in its programs to fit the needs of the disabled.In the current society there are those people who need special attention if they are to be successful in education system operated.These people are people with either mental or physical disability.On the other hand, the length of the exam in terms of questions may be reduced or the time allocated increased.This will ensure that the student feels that he is playing on the same ground with the rest while he is actually not.


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