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Discoveries are therefore usually presented in the form of formal papers and published in journals.You must be comfortable with this communication format if you are to conduct research. Ask yourself "will the reader know everything that happened?Ask yourself what would have been the perfect paper for you to have read in order to understand everything you need to know. Assume that your reader is a bright, enthusiastic student with a background in Introductory Psychology. " Everything is designed to tell somebody something. Never use anything you do not know is absolutely and totally real.

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You cannot rediscover all the knowledge in the field of psychology for yourself.

You will need to utilize the thousands of man years of hard work and thinking already provided by people in the field if you are going to contribute meaningfully or if you wish to be an ethical purveyor of psychology.

Online and open access, Scientific Reports is a primary research publication from the publishers of Nature, covering all areas of the natural and clinical sciences.

This template has been designed in collaboration with Overleaf to make it easier for you and your co-authors to write and submit your papers online.

Scientific Reports is accepting submissions from all scientific fields.

For more information, please see the information for authors section of their website.

The following list of questions step you through the major issues which must be addressed in a research paper.

After each question is answered the construction of the research paper is simply developing transitions between the items.

This is an bare bones CV created using (v1.1.5, 1 December 2018), which is based on the style of Marissa Mayer's CV created by Business Insider using enhancv.

(You can find a re-created example of that CV using Alta CV here.) Examples of producing a publication list and referees section is provided on the second page.


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