Technology Friend Or Foe Essay

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At the same time, the emotional and psychological impact of playing them depends heavily on a child's age, their cognitive development, emotional maturity and other factors, so limiting access to some degree - and carefully monitoring consumption - is equally important. By understanding the benefits, you can help your child take better advantage of them.A very pleasant side-effect of many video games is that their back stories are often very well thought out and engaging.

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The video game industry grew by 9 percent in 2013 and exceeded $76 billion in sales.

That figure is expected to far exceed $80 billion by 2016.

Even though some would argue that there is no way that machines would get to the level of human abilities in their peak, there is a possibility that in time, they will be able to hold the fort as well as any human being by carrying out the various tasks of the human being and then advance to reactive performance based on the historical collection of scientific meta which will enable logical action, intel, (2017).

What this means is that the causative philosophy states that, “any type of knowledge results from a historically contingent and socially built consensus,” (Meyers R.

The result will be a machine that thinks and acts as naturally as any other human being, (Dellar A. Functions in which AI has made some considerable impact include; the finance sector, medicine, science and education by augmenting human capability, (Emspark J, 2016).

What it simply means is that the era has come when human beings can program a machine and sit back to watch it perform and then some more when it goes beyond the general programming meta.

Chemical exposure and even death can occur when man is testing out various technologies, (inforbarel. The machine is not prone to easy chemical effects and should total demise occur, the loss is easily replaceable by an assembly of a few components as opposed to making up for lost human lives.

The other advantage of AI lies in the technological ambition pursued by human beings. A Naturalist’s Insight into the Evolution of Signal Redundancy.

There are countless advantages to the inception of AI as a technological advancement thrust.

There is need for an improved life-style all around and when human beings have mastered the art of programming electronics and machinery to carry these out, there can be boundless tapping into more innovative activities thereby leading the world to performance improvement and production increases which may very well lead to economic booms.


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