Switching Thesis Advisors

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In the past, the average TOEFL score of successful graduate applicants in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering was 94; average IELTS score was 7.0; and average PTE score was 64.

Our students may also complete the Intensive English Program (IEP) within Missouri S&T’s Applied Language Institute.

It's far better to take your topic and find a piece that does seem interesting and is not too technical (when looked from the right angle).

Missouri University of Science and Technology is a selective university and does not guarantee admission of all applicants.

It is recommended that students apply well in advance of the stated application deadlines.

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Graduate applicants to the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering are evaluated holistically.

Selecting a Graduate Advisor The Associate Chair for Graduate Affairs will advise the student regarding his/her academic program during the first semester, or until the student selects a Graduate Advisor.

When a student selects a Graduate Advisor, the student must submit a ‌ to the Associate Chair for Graduate Affairs.

You just aren't going to get anything but the most vague advice that's not very well-suited to your situation from strangers on the internet. Since mathematics is so interconnected I'm sure you'll find your way. It's very easy to become demoralised (as I became at some points during my candidature).

It would help to learn about the history and context of the problem. How does it relate to cool things in math that you do like? The typical candidate needs to meet fairly high expectations, without understanding what these expectations are (e.g.


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