Sustainable Development Dissertations

To measure how sustainable an economy is, based on the capital basis of sustainable development, multilateral institutions such as the World Bank use wealth accounting combined with the genuine savings approach to measure how well economies are saving for the future, net of current asset depreciation.These measures are useful for telling policy makers how their policies are contributing to sustainability and whether their economies are on a sustainable development path.The dissertation includes a number of previously published or submitted papers.

There is still some ambiguity about what is sustainable development.

Turkey, as a word, is collocated frequently with the concepts of external debt, current deficit, energy, policy, and EU.

Linguistically, the concept of sustainable development is predominantly associated with economic growth in the majority of the studies. Download as .

The purpose of this paper is to identify critical gaps in the conceptualization and interpretation of sustainability by investigating the postgraduate research (theses and dissertations) conducted with a reference to sustainability in Turkish higher education institutions and synthesizing the underlying themes and trends pertaining to sustainability issues in the local discourse.

=343) consists of the theses and dissertations conducted over a ten-year period in Turkish universities.


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