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The proposal should reveal clearly the significance and justification of the research topic, e.g. Also, the proposal should prove that the study can be done. (2013) Methodology education in computing: Towards a congruent design approach.

A research problem is distinct from a topic in that it is more specific and orients research toward an analysis or solution. If you already know the answer to the question, or if it can be obtained through a few simple inquiries, it is not an adequate research problem.

It should be a puzzle, a mystery that you want to solve.

The objectives you are presenting in the proposal are based on your initial research into the problem.

Experienced researchers understand that the objectives of their problem get refined as their work progresses. Once you have provided a context for your research, you should be able to outline for the reader the specific steps you will take to address the problem you have identified.

In this section, you should also clarify the theoretical orientation of your project and identify specific sources from which you will draw.

In order to build an argument, you must begin to lay out for the reader the claims you are making and the basis on which you are making them.Whatever you choose to highlight, the reader should be convinced that your research will contribute to our understanding of broader social, historical or cultural issues.A research project should be original, rather than reproducing existing literature on the topic.The general steps in developing a proposal in IMPDET-LE:3. Research design - Qualitative, Quantiative and Mixed Approaches (3rd. An outline of the research design In this section, you should provide a detailed description regarding the intended research process, including the description of the research design and procedures. Reference Please take into account the following aspects: Creswell, J. This will include a discussion of research methods.In this section, it is important to be clear about how each step, or how each specific method you will employ, will help you get at the problem that guides the research.Keep in mind that this is an initial proposal for your research.You have not fully worked out the argument you intend to present.A research proposal informs the reader (your advisor) about the scope and scale of the issue or idea that you wish to explore in your project.Your proposal should include the following sections: Research is not a summary of what is available on a given topic but an original analysis of a specific problem.


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