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Like many architecture students, Hank Butitta was frustrated.

Like many architecture students, Hank Butitta was frustrated.

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If it is not, then nobody will care to pay attention towards it.

This applies for both the consumer as well as the manufacturer.

The project explores the integration of urban pattern, urban texture and the urban direction.

My project is a San Francisco International Cruise Terminal and the Waterfront development. The design strategy is based on programs analysis, programs diagram, which extracts and simulates the programs in the city to the site.

This condition affects the cultural exchange at the urban level and creates integral knowledge.

The pleasure of traveling is the smoothness of traveling and there’s noboundary between the destination and the traveling route.Analysis of the profit and loss for a company manufacturing recycled materials for the furniture has to be done.It is important to know whether these run in loss or in profit which will give you an idea of the interest that people show towards using recycled furniture.On his website ( Butitta says, “This project was a way to show how building a small structure with simple detailing can be more valuable than drawing a complex project that is theoretical and poorly understood.” Since the project (which was envisioned with a nod to the tiny house movement) was picked up by the media last week, fans and commenters have flooded the site, asking Hank how he resolved certain problems and where he sourced the materials.Using the 28 inch wide windows as a modular guide, the bus is divided into four primary zones: bathroom, kitchen, seating, and sleeping.But Hank Butitta, many architecture students, decided that, for his thesis, he would buy an old school bus and turn it into a flexible living space.The result: a 225 square foot mobile home—complete with reclaimed gym flooring and dimmable LED mood lighting.In between the interpenetration, the spaces create the interaction.The algorithmic mathematics refers to the predictably changes. The changing pattern illustrates and breaks down the solid structural system bonds between the urban territory and the city boundary. It’s the cultural transmission and a cultural exchange between people.The parametric procedure is algorithmic mathematics and is used to design the landscape pattern and the architectural form.The landscape pattern will form the building and the building will wrap around the interpenetrated circulation.


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