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A natural alternative is faith in a “fairness principle", here proposed as a modern version of a principle first formulated by Kepler, which would imply that our journey of discovery of more and more things will not end or saturate.

Finally, we ponder the effects that the ABH proposal would have on the culture of a future society, particularly if the baby universe theory is correct.

The changes in our economic life and understanding of our role in the cosmos would be so profound as to have a "spiritual" aspect.

Here, we show that the quantum back-reaction to warp-drive geometries, created out of an initially flat spacetime, inevitably lead to their destabilization whenever superluminal speeds are attained. He is currently a Ph D student in SISSA (Italy) working on gravitation theory under the supervision of S. He is currently a research professor at SISSA working on gravitation theory.

We close this investigation speculating the possible significance of this further success of the speed of light postulate. Barcelo did his Ph D in IAA (Spain) and postdocs at Washington University in St. He is currently deputy director of the IAA and works on gravitation theory. At any time, there are areas of science where we are standing at the frontier of knowledge, and can wonder whether we have reached a fundamental limit to human understanding. I will argue here that it is ultimately impossible to answer this question.

I build a “case for noteverything", with 3 levels of analysis.

I first contemplate the complementary realms of “faith" and “science" and place the concept of “theory of everything" firmly in the faith category.For this, I will first distinguish three different reasons why the possibility of progress is doubted and offer examples for these cases.Based on this, one can then identify three reasons for why progress might indeed be impossible, and finally conclude that it is impossible to decide which case we are facing.Louis Crane completed a Ph D in Mathematics at the University of Chicago, did a postdoc at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, and was an Assistant Professor at Yale University.He then joined the Mathematics department at Kansas State University, where he has remained to this day, except for visits to Nottingham University, Universite de Paris VII (Diderot), The University of Western Ontario and Instituto Superior Tecnico in Lisboa, Portugal. The question of whether it is possible or not to surpass the speed of light is already centennial.I outline a few of the fundamental limitations that are posed to our understanding of the cosmos, such as the existence of horizons, the fact that we occupy a specific place in space and time, the possible presence of dark components, the absence of a reliable physical framework to interpret the behavior of the very early universe.Amedeo Balbi is assistant professor in cosmology at the University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata', Italy.In particular, we discuss one of the most interesting proposals for faster than light travel: warp drives.Even if one succeeded in creating such spacetime structures, it would be still necessary to check whether they would survive to the switching on of quantum matter effects. Liberati did his Ph D in SISSA (Italy) and postdoc at the University of Maryland (USA).Sabine Hossenfelder is a theoretical physicist who works on the phenomenology of quantum gravity and physics beyond the Standard Model.Together with her husband she writes a blog called "Backreaction".


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