Solar System Essay

Solar System Essay-2
Our solar system forms a part of the Milky Way Galaxy.

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Our solar system is believed to have evolved substantially since its inception.

Many new moons have come into shape from the gases and dust around the planets.

It has now been termed as a dwarf planet thereby increasing the count of the dwarf planets in our solar system to five.

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In addition to the Sun, planets and moons, our solar system consists of several other celestial bodies called the comets, asteroids and meteoroids.

While our solar system has only one star, many other solar systems are known to have at least two stars.

There are eight planets in our solar system namely, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

These planets revolve around the sun in a fixed path referred to as the orbit.

Conclusion The study of the universe and heavenly bodies is one of the most fascinating studies.

Through continuous research, astronomers have found out several surprising facts about the universe and our solar system.


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