Social Work Research Paper Outline

Social Work Research Paper Outline-17
Students will work with one advisor from each faculty to complete this project.Social Work: Students will produce an essay consisting of: 1) identifying a substantive area which integrates core legal and social work knowledge; 2) analyzing the legal and behavioural science information in each substantive area; 3) developing and applying relevant theoretical frameworks; 4) developing research questions to be examined by qualitative or quantitative methods; 5) integrating research findings.

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The MSW Non-Thesis Program is designed for students who want to develop an advanced understanding of social work and a specialized set of practice skills.

Part of the requirements for the MSW Non-Thesis Program is an Independent Study Project (ISP).

Creating a thesis statement In writing a thesis statement, remember that your task is to take a stance, argue a position and support it thoroughly with academic evidence. Determine the kind of paper to determine your thesis' task An analytical paper: your thesis should break down an idea/issue and evaluate it An expository paper: your thesis should explain something An argumentative paper: your thesis should make a claim (an opinion) and argue it Got something different?

: Perhaps you are writing a narrative or reflection paper.

Different tools and sources of learning allow a comprehensive approach of learning to the problem-question.

The paper may take the form of a critical review or be empirically-based in any customary research methods or combination of them (qualitative or quantitative research; case or doctoral legal research).Offered by: Social Work Students completing the MSW Non-Thesis Program full-time should begin meeting with their advisor late in the Fall semester to discuss their ISP topic.The ISP is usually completed during the summer semester, after coursework and field placement have finished.Offered by: Social Work Social Work: An independent Study project with the aim of producing a paper which addresses a question common to the two disciplines.Using and clarifying the contribution of each discipline to the question, the paper adds something that neither a legal nor a social work perspective alone could attain.Part of the requirements for the MSW-Law Joint Degree is an Independent Study Project (ISP).The aim of the paper is to address a question common to the two disciplines.REASON: Excessive dieting can cause psychological problems. It should only cover what you will argue/discuss/present in your paper and what you can thoroughly support with evidence within the scope of the paper. Your thesis should generally fall near end of your first paragraph.WORKING THESIS: Because excessive dieting causes psychological problems, readers should reject women's magazines with advertising that presents impossibly thin models. Be honest with yourself, perhaps you could pare it down? You should warm up the reader at the beginning of your first paragraph, providing interest, context and perhaps a brief description of the larger discourse in which your thesis lives. Ask: Do I need to change my thesis now that I've written part of/all of this paper? Retrieved from: Odegaard Writing & Research (n.d.) Center. Students must successfully complete this paper in order to graduate, and must have graduated before they begin articling.Most students will write over the summer before the September articling period starts; with advance planning, completion in the winter or spring is also possible.


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