Social Science Research Proposal Template

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In a proposal, that section provides a brief overview of the larger issues and ideas of your topic, and how this specific research problem relates to these larger issues.

Whatever you choose to highlight, the reader should be convinced that your research will contribute to our understanding of broader social, historical or cultural issues.

Or, you may find that what exists on the topic is truly excellent, but that it doesn’t account for the specific problem you have identified.

In this section, you should also clarify the theoretical orientation of your project and identify specific sources from which you will draw.

In this section, it is important to be clear about how each step, or how each specific method you will employ, will help you get at the problem that guides the research.

In other words, if you say you will be doing focus groups, provide a rationale.For the most part, these customs arise from the committee's efforts to deal in good faith with its own problems: incomprehension among disciplines, work overload, and the problem of equitably judging proposals that reflect unlike social and academic circumstances.A research proposal informs the reader (your advisor) about the scope and scale of the issue or idea that you wish to explore in your project.You have not fully worked out the argument you intend to present.The objectives you are presenting in the proposal are based on your initial research into the problem.This is not set in stone, but can be helpful as your work progresses.This is similar to the conclusion of any written piece.But to make these points stick, a proposal writer needs a feel for the unspoken customs, norms, and needs that govern the selection process itself.These are not really as arcane or ritualistic as one might suspect.Why is a focus group a better way to collect data for your research than a few in-depth interviews?You should include a timetable for your research in this section.


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