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In my personal opinion, you don't want a rookie professor that's trying to make tenure, and you don't want the retiring professor that may not be worried about research anymore. If they teach you something and get you through the process, that's what matters.

It's like parenting; they shouldn't be your friend when they need to be your parent!

This step will help you save time downstream in the dissertation phase.

I turned three independent studies (with future dissertation committee members) into nine hours of completed doctoral coursework while also completing much of my first two chapters for the dissertation. I always knew that I wanted to conduct a dissertation on Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) with regard to the knowledge, learning, and adaptation of individuals who had been diagnosed with MRSA.

Now, as Professor, research dean and program chair of the Clinical Laboratory Science program in the College of Health Professions, he spends a great deal of time mentoring and coaching others in this sometimes mysterious and vague path. Rohde's background is in public health and clinical microbiology.

He has a bachelor's degree in microbiology, a master's degree in biology/virology and a Ph D in education from Texas State.

Many other federal granting agencies, organizations and private foundations will have funding opportunities that often offer graduate students a vehicle to fund their research, especially if you are conducting research that is important to that agency/foundation mission. I was fortunate to have several colleagues in my college that had taken the Ph D journey.

I surrounded myself with several of these "Ph D veterans," and they were able to help me avoid hurdles that could have slowed me down.

For example, my professional organization, the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science, offers research grants to conduct graduate research.

I was able to fund most of my research budget by this opportunity. Possibly, but find someone that can give you critical feedback on projects and encouragement.


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