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A review of the literature surrounding the research on sexuality and the media needs to be analyzed to determine whether sexuality in the media has been increasing or not.A review of the literature is also needed to make a determination regarding which came first and what has caused the increased sexuality both in among adolescents and in the media.As research is needed on a problem before a possible solution can be created.

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This is a sample essay that addressed significant research done into the subject of whether or not the media is becoming increasingly sexualized and the impact that may have on society.

Sexuality in the media has been a topic of debate and discussion over recent years.

As parents grow concerned about the sexuality of their teens they want answers for how to address the problem.

This may demonstrate why a large amount of research has gone into the topic.

An extended literature review conducted by Gruber found that adolescents were highly susceptible to the influences of media and he highlighted the reasons for why this was the case.

Sex Essay

“This group may be particularly at risk because the cognitive skills that allow them to critically analyze messages from the media and to make decisions based on possible future outcomes are not fully developed” (Gruber, n.p.).

I believe that the literature will find that there has been an increase in sexuality in the media.

I also believe that the increased sexuality in media has resulted in increased sexuality in adolescents.

These magazines do not have to be bought for the measure to be spread as these magazines and their covers are featured on grocery store stands.

Television and music have also become increasingly sexualized.


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