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A technology that could passively extract uranium from seawater and recover it would move nuclear energy a step towards being renewable.Current research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory has produced a few specialized polymeric adsorbents which have shown potential in adsorbing uranium out of seawater and recovering it through an elution process.

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I used calculus to differentiate this trendline and found the absolute maximum.

I repeated this procedure for molar ratios of adsorbed uranium to vanadium ions against reactant ratios.

The fibers were then submerged in solutions of varying acrylonitrile and vinyl phosphonic acid molar ratios (2).

Nitrile and phosphonate groups readily grafted onto the polymer fibers (3).

It is estimated that there is about 4.5 billion tons of uranium dissolved in seawater (2).

Furthermore, since uranium is in solubility equilibrium, the uranium extracted from the ocean is replaced by new uranium in the earth’s crust, according to Le Chatelier's principle.Using the two maximums as bounds, I found the optimal range of reactant ratios.A function was modeled to predict the mass of recovered uranium based on the mass adsorbed, relative capacity, and fractional uranium stripping (3).This was achieved by elution with hydroxylammonium acetate in acetic acid (3).Introduction Energy production is the greatest challenge humanity currently faces.One challenge of using nuclear power is a sustainable fuel source.Uranium mining has significant negative environmental impact and is limited to specific geographic areas.The initial range of reactant ratios was between 3.793 and 4.214 (mol/mol).The maximum recovered mass of uranium was predicted to be 8.626 grams of uranium at a reactant ratio of 3.82 mol/mol.Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory developed these characteristic adsorbents through the use of radiation induced graft polymerization (2).Hollow, gear-shaped polyethylene fibers were exposed to an electron beam in order to create free radicals (6).


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