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She has an extensive background in education as a teacher and parent volunteer. Hebert and her husband, Jamie have lived in Huntington for 22 years.

He is currently the director of sales for a Long Island based firm that provides the federal government with products and solutions. Di Giacomo and his wife, Nancy are the parents of a son in his sophomore year at St. Prior to his election as a trustee, he has regularly attended Huntington School Board meetings, served as an active PTA member and co-chaired the district’s Shared Decision-Making Committee. Di Giacomo strives to utilize his background in business and technology solutions, along with a balanced approach to problem solving, to contribute to making the district the finest it can be.

The Di Giacomo family has deep roots in the community. Di Giacomo’s father, Al, was a member of Huntington High School’s Class of 1941.

The members of the Huntington School Board are elected by the residents of the community to manage and oversee all aspects of the district’s educational program, personnel, properties and financial affairs.

Trustees serve three year terms without any form of compensation.

The Huntington School Board has adopted a proposed district calendar for the 2019/20 school year.

Trustees voted unanimously at their January 7 public meeting to approve the plan, which will have school begin on Wednesday, September 4 and finish on Friday, June 26, 2020.Hebert worked as a public school kindergarten teacher in Massachusetts for several years.She is currently the director of the pre-school program at St. She has devoted countless volunteer hours to the Huntington School District as a PTA president and treasurer and as a district trustees. Hebert has also served on the district’s Long Range Planning Committee and regularly attended Board of Education meetings prior to her election.A longtime attendee of Huntington School Board meetings, forums and conferences, Mrs.Biernacki has become well versed in many education issues.State Education Law grants school board members the authority to enact the policies and regulations they feel are necessary to fulfill their responsibilities and to provide students with the education they are legally entitled to and deserve.The school board’s oversight responsibilities include the admission of students, instruction, discipline, grading, classification of special education students, appointing and managing all employees, entering into contracts, purchasing, leasing, maintenance of buildings, property, equipment and supplies and every other area of district operation.Members develop an annual budget and submit the proposal to voters for approval.They appoint administrators to conduct the day-to-day affairs of the district, faculty to provide instruction and support staff to ensure the smooth operation of the school system.As a trustee, she has served on the district’s audit committee. Hebert is widely known as a creative thinker who enjoys learning about all aspects of the district and its educational program and listening to all sides of every issue.She is particularly passionate about public school education and believes the learning experience offered to Huntington students should be among the finest in the nation.


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