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I will analyze the shift from print newspapers to online media from three perspectives: cultural changes, story content/presentation and new technologies.

My focus is especially on 1) the reader's behavioral changes in response to these three developments, 2) how these changes determine the types of stories that appeal to different audiences and the underlying reasons for this appeal, as well as 3) how technological advancements have shaped journalism.

Research Goals Over the past several years, it has been widely reported that print newspaper circulation has declined substantially.

More and more readers prefer to get their news from other forms of media.

I will present in the final paper a list of features about print media that readers still like and enjoy and the aspects of online news that readers dislike.

I will then conclude by recommending a series of changes to the content and presentation of both print and online media, enabling them to thrive and make each other better.There is a trove of sources that are readily accessible on the Internet, including articles written by research organizations and universities.Both print and online newspaper articles that I've been collecting have also proven useful.The Albury Donnies, a fleet of 18 boats that have ferried children to school, and their parents to work, every day since 1959—even after Hurricane Floyd...From ground-breaking research in the emerging neuromarketing field to old-fashioned consumer preference surveys, study after study has shown how and why print continues to get results.There aren’t many two-newspaper towns left in the US, which is part of what makes Wilkes-Barre, a former coal town in Northeastern Pennsylvania, unique.With a steadily declining population that currently sits just south of 41,000, Wilkes-Barre is “the smallest market in America with competing daily newspapers,” says Larry Holeva, executive editor of has its own contingent of staunchly loyal followers.This first paper discusses the cultural changes that have caused the migration of readers from print to online media.The second and third papers will examine how story content and new technologies, respectively, have affected print and online journalism.Consequently, advertisements have been migrating away from print newspapers to other channels that have wider and growing audiences.With fewer advertising dollars to support the operations of print media organizations, hundreds of journalist positions have been eliminated, adversely impacting print newspapers and arguably the quality of their content.


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