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Doing research or, even better, selecting a topic in which you have personal experience will set you on the right track..Based on the page/word limit of your paper, limit the topic to something specific but without being too broad or narrow.If you are connecting two ideas in your statement (e.g., “Some argue that A is true, but it is evident that B is a stronger argument”), make sure that you are able to establish a genuine relationship.

Have you come up with any interesting thoughts or developed compelling links between ideas? Consider using any ideas generating during the brainstorming as you develop and shape your thesis statement in particular and paper as a whole.

As you decide upon your thesis statement, keep it clear and specific.

Notice each thesis statement is also somewhat complex, both in the topic and in the grammar.

None of the thesis statements are very short either.

Course 4: Introduction to Research for Essay Writing This is the last course in the Academic Writing specialization before the capstone project.

By the end of this course, you will be able to complete all the steps in planning a research paper.

You probably wouldn't want to have a thesis statement that's shorter than this, though.

All of these thesis statements have a topic and controlling idea, and they are debatable.

And for a research paper, your thesis also needs to be complex. This sentence has a topic, and it has a controlling idea. Prison sentences for violent criminals should not provide the opportunity for early parole because of good behavior.

It's also debatable because people in this field of study could say that 50 years is too long, it wouldn't have gone that long. Again, this sentence has a topic, it has a controlling idea.


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