Sample Research Proposal Outline Template

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Appendices Remember that a research proposal is not an essay.

At this stage, you need only give some thought to a brief title that communicates an overview of the project you have in mind. The problem should be focused enough that it is able to be researched in a single Ph D study. Remember that you will be working largely on your own with limited financial resources. In addition, try and define the major concepts embodied in your project. You may also need to consider whether your plan is feasible. For example, it might include the following: Think about how you will collect data to answer your research question?

Where possible, think about the ways in which you would analyse the data that you produce.

We would expect you to have done some initial reading around your topic area.

Panda Tip: Please note that the nature of a research proposal will vary depending on your specific audience.

If, for example, you are addressing only academics in your precise field, you can be quite specific about your area of study and assume a high degree of existing knowledge.Here you should list those sources to which you have referred and that have informed your thinking.In addition, list sources that you feel would be key texts in embarking on the study.The above notes are only intended to assist planning of a research proposal.However, you will find that thought given to these points at the beginning of the research can save a considerable amount of confusion and wasted effort later.Your research proposal is an integral part of the Research Degree application process, and as such, it is worth investing time and energy to ensure that your proposal is strong, clear and effective.Your proposal needs to outline the nature of your proposed research project, identify your knowledge of existing literature and provide an indication of how you will conduct your research project. Others—such as Justification—are subject to change if you prefer to write about the study's significance instead. However, understand that some aspects, such as the introduction, data collection, and references, are constant elements in the research proposal.Research proposals are also used to correctly match you with an appropriate supervisor/supervision team.If you are interested in the work of a specific potential supervisor, and especially if you have already discussed your proposed project with this person, be sure to make reference to this in your proposal.


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