Review Of Literature On Marketing Strategies

Review Of Literature On Marketing Strategies-50
These carriers can transmit the viral marketing message in active and passive ways.Active transmission of a viral marketing message involves carriers to be spreading the message in active ways, such as making direct recommendations via internet.

“Marketing is managing profitable customer relationships, the twofold goal of marketing is to attract new customers by promising superior value and to keep and grow current customers by delivering satisfaction” (Armstrong & Kotler, 2007 p. People often think marketing as selling and advertising, which is just a small part of marketing. Marketing managers must develop a systematic plan to sell to the customers after selecting a target market to create long-term relationships (Doyle, 1995).Secondly, the potential benefits of viral marketing are further increased when the benefits associated with the use of products or services are real.Similarly to the point above, Middleton (2012) argues, specific benefits associated with the use of product or service has the potential of being an effective viral marketing message.According to Kabani (2012), price is not the primary focus in viral marketing, as the primary objective of viral marketing is closely associated with the spread of the message at a global scale.element of marketing mix in viral marketing is fundamentally different from place element in traditional marketing in a way that a universal virtual marketplace represents trading place for viral marketing (Lilien and Grewall, 2012).Anyone with the access to the internet has an access to virtual marketplace.Moreover, virtual marketplace operates in 24/7 basis, and requires minimum or none transaction costs.element of marketing mix in viral marketing is different form price element in traditional marketing mix in a number of ways.For example, in viral marketing, some products such as e-books or downloadable software products might be provided free of charge in order to motivate individuals to spread the viral marketing message (Anjum, 2011).According to Middleton (2012), viral marketing can prove to be highly effective in following circumstances: Firstly, viral marketing works well for new type of products and services that are innovative in some ways.Specifically, the innovative feature of the new product or service can serve as a powerful marketing message with the potential of going viral.


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