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Retail Business Plan-78
A positive cash flow will be produced at the end of the first year.

A positive cash flow will be produced at the end of the first year.There are no other urban wear stores located within 20 miles of the location selected for this store.

Total start-up expense (including fixtures, equipment, and grand opening) is $53,743. With the owners' investment of $18,299, the amount of additional start-up funds needed are $35,444. We estimate our inventory to turn over 8 times a year.

The details are included in the following chart and table. Starting inventory will be $19,000 with the markup of up to 100 percent.

Boston Rags will set the pace for urban fashion for all seasons.

Last year's outfit will be accessorized to be this year's outfit.

They will always look for unique clothing pieces and they will not hesitate to buy them.

The business will be retail sales of urban clothing and associated products.

Boston Rags is designed to help customers change their look without buying an entirely new wardrobe.

We will cater to the person wanting to build a new wardrobe by purchasing clothing and accessory pieces to add to clothing they already have.

Boston Rags will maintain financial balance while delivering a quality product to our customers.

We will make our clothing accessible throughout our community by way of establishing a retail location, fashion shows, and events. We will provide a rewarding work environment and fair compensation to our employees, ultimately provide excellent value to our customers, and a fair return to our owners.


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