Restoring The American Dream Essay

a path to a stable and prosperous life in America that has since closed off.It was a well-traveled path for many Americans: Graduate from high school and get a job, typically with a local manufacturer or one of the service industries associated with it, and earn enough to support a family.In 1956, my parents left behind a life of poverty in Cuba when they departed Havana with my 7-year-old brother for New York, and then for Miami soon after.

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Once my younger sister and I were old enough, my mother started working again as a maid.

Between their two salaries and my dad’s tips, they made a good living, and I had a privileged childhood.

The idea was not only that it was possible to achieve this kind of success, but that anyone could achieve it—the American dream.

That dream defines my family’s history, and its disappearance calls me to action today.

My parents made enough to own a house, raise four children, and even allow my mother to spend most of her time at home when I was young.

Restoring The American Dream Essay

I was able to play football, go to college, and earn a law degree, because of the solid foundation built on the sacrifices my parents made for me and my siblings.It’s an undying spirit that defines and unites us as Americans.I’m proud that my mother and father could provide, through their hard work and commitment to our family, the opportunity for me and my siblings to flourish.Today it’s less than one parent’s paycheck away from the poverty line. Many policy makers in Washington and commentators in New York realize that the 21st-century economy is causing deep disruptions to Americans’ work lives, and that something new must be done to help them succeed.Simply put, if my family faced the exact same circumstances today, we would not be middle class; we would be falling behind. The debate over the “future of work,” though, is too often concerned with what workers need to do in order to become more useful to businesses, placing the responsibility of adjusting to automation and outsourcing by pursuing job retraining on workers themselves.In this essay, I hope to present some other options.F it has received, the 2017 Republican tax law addressed a universally recognized problem: an old corporate tax structure that left us uncompetitive with the rest of the world.This kind of happiness is only made possible for most Americans by the of work.If we do not rediscover and embrace that simple truth soon, low-paid rootlessness will be the future of work, and our nation will suffer for it.And if hardworking Americans don’t have stable jobs that pay enough to buy a home and raise a family, our nation is in very serious trouble. In the process, the discussion absolves government and business of any responsibility for creating an economy that exists to benefit working Americans.Offering workers retraining and career education is a big part of the answer to our current dilemma.


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