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The paper presents an intuitive programming model (which is perhaps not entirely new).

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The performance of the translated code is better than the widely-used commercial Rosetta translator (shipped with Apple's OS X) at that time.

The paper provides techniques to dynamically map the state of one machine to the state of another machine in tandem with synthesis-based code generation, for better overall quality of the generated code.

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Our current research is targetted towards generalizing and scaling the ideas presented in this paper.

CAR: Clock with Adaptive Replacement This paper extends the well-known CLOCK algorithm for cache replacement (used in most operating systems) with ideas presented in previous work on Adaptive Replacement Cache (ARC). More details on this work are also available in Manjeet Dahiya's Ph D thesis. Towards this, we have developed a black-box equivalence checker, and these papers describe some of the problems we solved in the process, and our current results.The ideas are evaluated over a wide range of workloads for several metrics.The Unicorn Runtime: Efficient distributed shared memory programming for hybrid CPU-GPU clusters How can a programmer harness the combined computing power of CPUs and GPUs in a computing cluster without dealing with all the nitty gritties of the underlying system and its optimizations?It is almost like asking, how would the universe differ if the fine structure constant had a value of 0.00829 instead of 0.00729. For this reason, I think the paper is a very good fit for ASPLOS.Even if architects do their best to think carefully about ramifications of their choices, this paper is an eye opener into a world of, probably, unforeseen consequences. And I think it should be a must-read for current and future architects (and not just narrowly from a virtualization point of view).Sorav Bansal is an Associate Professor at the CS department in IIT Delhi, and works in the areas of programming languages and operating systems. If you are interested in exploring further, please check our project page.His primary research interests involve investigating superoptimization-based compiler design and higher-level abstractions for OS/Network programming. Hawk Eye: Efficient Fine-grained OS Support for Huge Pages [ slides, lightning talk ] This paper discusses simple yet effective algorithms for huge-page management in the OS kernel.Fast Dynamic Binary Translation for the Kernel [ talk video ] Dynamic binary translation (DBT) is a technique with a wide variety of applications; innovative ways to employ DBT appear almost regularly in the research literature.This paper explains how to perform DBT for an OS kernel efficiently even in the presence of high rates of interrupt and exception activity.


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