Research Paper Interview Questions

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Write down the questions you would like to ask, as well as tidbits you collected during your research.

Knowing a little about the person you are interviewing shows her you're genuinely interested and appreciate her time.

Pick those that are most appropriate and tailor them to fit your situation and speaking style.

Form some of your own as well, but don't try to squeeze in too many questions. What skills are required in your position on a day-to-day basis? What parts of your job do you find most challenging?

More important is knowing what to say once you arrive.

Wasting contacts' time is unacceptable, so you should prepare an agenda before each meeting.

If you could start all over again, would you change your career path in any way? What educational preparation would you recommend for someone who wants to advance in this field?

How long does it take for managers to rise to the top? What is the background of most senior-level executives? 19 more relevant: “From the alumni database, I see you graduated from the MBA program just four years ago and are already a vice president at the bank. Please share with me the typical path from entry level to VP in the banking environment, and what people can do to move fast within that process.”24.

Ask your questions and take notes as you hear the answers. Russell Chandler of suggests "Tell me about...," Did you ever...," and "How did you feel when..." as some ways to start questions that will get your subject to open up.

Be courteous; maintain eye contact and avoid interrupting.


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