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Part of the reason that they will do this is that your email may count towards their performance assessment and is evidence that their research is having impact! Using stories in the media If you read New Scientist or similar magazines, you will read reports about different research.

These last two are also often combined into one section.

In the analysis section, you describe what you did with your data.

This is a good place to start to look for blogs on different topics.

These blogs will usually include, at the end of the post, a link to the research paper that they have been writing about. An example: Article from: 4 July 2010) At the bottom of the article are links to the media stories AND the research paper.

This author of the findings section will often also be the lead author of the paper.

The analysis section often includes a justification of the methods used.

As an example, a SWOT analysis can be used in business applications to determine a future business path based on current analysis.

In the findings or results section, you report what the analysis revealed but only the factual matter of the results, not their implication or meaning.

The exact format of a research paper varies across disciplines, but they share certain features in common.

They have the following sections, which may have different names in different fields: introduction, literature review (these first two are often combined), methodology, data analysis, results or findings, discussion and conclusion.


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