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Outline thesis statement of the reflection paper made of one or more sentences and share a brief conclusion of the essay. The choice of a reflection essay topic isn’t a piece of cake.

We have collected the most interesting and original topic ideas for you not to waste time on the research.

Have you watched one of the “Harry Potter” or “Lord of the Rings” movies? The article contains detailed instructions on how to write a reflective paper.

A reflection paper is not a persuasive essay – it is all about sharing your opinions and letting others accept them or not. It helps to understand how to write a reflective paper and the purposes of such type of academic assignment.

The task of the writer is to reflect his personal opinion.

But it doesn’t mean that the reader can’t have his or her own attitude to the same subject.

The best childhood experience, date, trip to Europe, rock gig of a favorite band, and some other topics are good.

Read tips about choosing the best title for your reflection paper based on a topic here.

It presents the ability of a student to observe, ask questions, evaluate the experience, and apply academic content to improve the understanding of personal experience.

Lay and Mc Guire offered the most popular model in 2010.


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