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Publication in book form is not the only, or even the best route.

In some areas, journal articles may be more effective: seek advice from your examiners and supervisor about this.

In order to get your thesis published, there are various things that need to be taken into consideration. Naomi Segal-Publishing Your Thesis Sound File (14.6 Mb) Part of the examiners' official role is to determine whether your thesis is a publishable piece of research.

They will probably have told you either at the viva or in their written report what their recommendations are regarding publication.

Some journals are explicit about this in their mission statement.

But even if they are not, avoid sending around one particular article to different journals.

Rewriting material If, for example, you are rewriting a conference paper, which required a very compact and more dialogical style of presentation, communicating directly and clearly to an audience within a very short time span, your article will now have to be geared towards an audience of readers.

Whereas a conference paper can allow for a certain degree of loose ends, an article will need to be far more conclusive and polished.

If you are publishing in a very specialized journal, you will be in direct communication with colleagues who are experts in the field.

You should be aware what they have already said, and what is yet to be said on the subject, so that the production of knowledge can progress and be innovative rather than stagnant and repetitive.


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