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We conducted a sentiment analysis of news data spanning over six decades, from 1956 to 2018, using the Google Cloud Natural Language API Sentiment Analysis tool.Contrary to the alleged negative sentiment in news media coverage of AI, we found that the available evidence does not support this claim.

We conclude with an innovation policy-relevant discussion on the current state of AI risk perceptions, and what critical social sciences offer for responsible AI innovation in digital health, life sciences, and society.

In this intervention, I put forward five short theses on the topic of ‘Anthropocene mobilities.’ My aim is not to unpack every concept con- tained herein but rather to provide a provocative introductory synthesis of five big ideas about...

In addition, the majority of the officers expressed their belief that having a secondary education improves offenders’ chances of obtaining a good job after their release and improves their compliance with sentencing and parole conditions.

These results support those of other studies finding that having a secondary education reduces the likelihood of recidivism among released offenders.

Studying the struggles and controversies surrounding this model and the economic policies promoted by it, the paper ultimately shows how certain political options are made publicly available while others are discarded.

During the 1960s, while the world lauded Pakistan’s development trajectory, a debate raged within the higher bureaucracy on the subject of institutional design.

It examines the FIFI macroeconomic model's introduction into the French planning processes of the mid-1960s and argues that economists perform two operations, selection and qualification, which play a key role in structuring political debates on the French economy's future.

Building on archives and in-depth interviews, I show how the FIFI model was a central component of the Sixth Plan (1971-1975): it was designed to produce simulations of state intervention in the French economy and organize planning commissions debates.

Desde esta perspec-tiva, se abordan los procesos de reforma del sistema de... Sumilla El curso examina las políticas públicas en el campo jurisdiccional, utilizando al efec-to las principales herramientas para su conocimiento y análisis.

Desde esta perspec-tiva, se abordan los procesos de reforma del sistema de justicia, así como la relación entre los medios de comunicación y la judicatura. UNIDAD 1  Evolución de las políticas públicas en el sistema de justicia: reformas legales, re-formas presupuestales, reformas en infraestructura y procedimientos y reforma en capacitación. This paper analyzes how economics can frame political debates using economic policy devices.


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